Editorial  |   June 2009
The More Things Change
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Editorial   |   June 2009
The More Things Change
American Journal of Audiology, June 2009, Vol. 18, 2. doi:10.1044/1059-0889(2009/ed-01)
American Journal of Audiology, June 2009, Vol. 18, 2. doi:10.1044/1059-0889(2009/ed-01)
Although one of my favorite quotes about change is “The more things change, the more they remain … insane” (M. Fry & T. Lewis, Over the Hedge, May 9, 2004), I believe that the recent changes to the journals published by ASHA are quite positive and have the potential to improve the readership’s access to and use of research and clinical advances. Beginning in 2010, the American Journal of Audiology and the other ASHA journals will be exclusively available online. In addition to reducing cost, paper waste, and storage issues associated with paper journals, online journals allow for greater ease of access to information. With online journals, it is faster and easier to find particular authors and topics and skim through articles of interest. If you like to read the details of an article from the paper format, or if from time to time you feel the need to push yourself away from the computer to read a publication, there always is the option to print articles. Also, if you want to save an article to read later, simply download it as a PDF file. I have to confess, however, that the ability to print and save articles brings some of us right back to our natural inclinations for chaos and disorder. As my offices at home and work make evident, and as my e-journal folder reminds me every time I go to save an article, the ease of access associated with online journals can stress those of us who are organizationally challenged. The fact that the printed articles don’t find their own way into the filing cabinets and the e-journal articles don’t self-sort into the correct subfolders brings me right back to Fry and Lewis.
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