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The quarterly American Journal of Audiology (AJA)—an online-only, international, peer-reviewed scholarly journal—has been published continuously since 1991. 

Online ISSN: 1558-9137
Print ISSN: 1059-0889

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Mission & Scope


AJA publishes peer-reviewed research and other scholarly articles pertaining to clinical audiology methods and issues, and serves as an outlet for discussion of related professional and educational issues and ideas. The journal is an international outlet for research on clinical research pertaining to screening, diagnosis, management and outcomes of hearing and balance disorders as well as the etiologies and characteristics of these disorders. The clinical orientation of the journal allows for the publication of reports on audiology as implemented nationally and internationally, including novel clinical procedures, approaches, and cases. AJA seeks to advance evidence-based practice by disseminating the results of new studies as well as providing a forum for critical reviews and meta-analyses of previously published work.


The broad field of clinical audiology, including audiologic/aural rehabilitation; balance and balance disorders; cultural and linguistic diversity; detection, diagnosis, prevention, habilitation, rehabilitation, and monitoring of hearing loss; hearing aids, cochlear implants, and hearing-assistive technology; hearing disorders; lifespan perspectives on auditory function; speech perception; and tinnitus.

Impact Factor

The Journal Citation Reports® 2015 Impact Factor is 1.125 and the 5-year Impact Factor is 1.344. AJA ranked 18th of 25 journals in the Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology category and 26th of 46 journals in the Otorhinolaryngology category in the Science Citation Index.

Editors and Associate Editors


Dr. Sumitrajit Dhar (2016–2019)
2240 Campus Drive
Frances Searle Building
Evanston, IL 60208
Phone:(847) 491-2470

Associate Editors

Lauren Calandruccio
Case Western Reserve University

Ann Clock Eddins
University of South Florida

Stanley Gelfand
Queens College, CUNY

Ryan W. McCreery
Boys Town National Research Hospital

Owen Murnane
James H. Quillen VA Medical Center

Guest Associate Editors

AJA 2015 Guest Associate Editors

There were no guest associate editors in 2015.

Manuscript Reviewers

AJA 2015 Manuscript Reviewers
Note: Manuscript Reviewers for 2016 will be listed in early January of 2017.

Harvey Abrams
Samira Anderson
Gerhard Andersson
K. Jonas Brannstrom
Michelene Chenault
Aniruddha Deshpande
Jeanne Dodd-Murphy
Rosie Essery
Melanie Ferguson
Elizabeth Fitzpatrick
Daniel Fogerty
Patricia Gaffney
Anne Giersch
Rene H. Gifford

JRay Goldsworthy
Jennifer Groth
Lucy Handscomb
Marcia Hay-McCutcheon
Helen Henshaw
Hugo Hesser
Derek Hoare
Rachael Holt
Lenore Holte
Helen Mary Jackson
Jennifer Lentz
Thomas Lunner
Milijana Malmberg
Devin McCaslin

Christi Miller
David Moore
Siti Mukari
Karen Muñoz
Zheng Yen Ng
Peter Nordqvist
Bolajoko O. Olusanya
Mark Orlando
Erin Picou
Gayla Poling
Beth Prieve
Lina Reiss
Richard Roberts
Ann Rothpletz

Sharon Sandridge
Rachel Scheperle
Robert Schlauch
Bruce Schneider
Jun Shen
Mitchell Sommers
Mariska Stam
Arlene Stredler Brown
Patrizia Trevisi
Kristin Uhler
George Vlaescu
Elizabeth Walker
Gail Whitelaw
Nathaniel Whitmal

ASHA Publications Board

Mabel Rice, Chair
Nadine Martin, ASHA Board of Directors Liaison
Sumitrajit Dhar (ex officio)
Shelley Gray (ex officio)
Jack Jiang
Dawna Lewis
Julie Liss (ex officio)
Sean Redmond (ex officio)
Pamela E. Souza
Nancy Tye-Murray (ex officio)
Julie Wambaugh
Krista Wilkinson (ex officio)

ASHA Journals Production Staff

Peer Review Administrators: Taylor Bowen and Taniza Holmes-Craggette
Production Editors: Kathleen Halverson and Victoria Koulakjian
Director of Serial Publications and Editorial Services: Michael Cannon
Chief Staff Officer for Science and Research: Margaret A. Rogers

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